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Polaroids Of Androids


Camperdown & Out
St Peters

Update (21/02): Stop some presses! We were sent the wrong version! Here's a better version! It's heaps better! Rename the old mp3 "shit version".

For most people Saint Peter is just that crazy guy with Pissed Jeans (playing on his half-broken Walkman), hanging out at the South End of King Street, trying to convince you to sign up for his Unicef Supporter Drive and/or take some of his free poetry. On this loving homage, up-and-coming trio four-piece, Camperdown & Out, take a different viewpoint of the Sydney suburb famous for smoke stacks and smoked-out stacks of ice-heads, presenting it as a reality-detached retreat, where you can put your feet up, drift along with the slow tide and/or get yourself Tempe'd at one of the many "massage places [that] haven't [yet] become sleazy".

Camperdown & Out features members from the Marvin Loath Magic One, Dead Farmers, Raw Prawn and Royal Headache. They're set on Saturday at Bummer Vibes was one of millions of highlights from what was a really really Magical day. They plan to release their debut 12" in mid-May (but don't hold them to that). Before that, you can catch them opening up proceedings at this Saturday's Mark McGuire show. And before that, you can catch Marf doing a solo show tonight at The Flinders.

Photo via Stilgherrian.

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Camperdown and Out
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this (www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz48dyXTFpQ) just got bumped to my second favorite song that name checks St. Peters

1 decade ago


These guys are great. Saw them last weekend at Bummer Vibes. They, along with The Sweats were my favourites of the day. Or maybe I just have a thing for Chris Shortt

1 decade ago


yes! shortty is a hero to one and all!

1 decade ago

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