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Polaroids Of Androids


Cassius Select

Lavern Lee continues the dismembering process. Here slicing up that signature soulful lo-fidelity of his former identity, Guerre, with restless rumbles and sharp flickers of optimistic glitch. Bull is one of the two cuts Cassius contributes for his side of the 12" Split EP with Scissor Lock, available for order and immediate digital download now via The Finer Things.

Sydney launch for the new 12" happening this Saturday (March 29) at 107 Projects at Redfern, with the Melbourne show next Friday (April 4) at the fantastically named Ferdydurke. Cassius will also feature as part of the Siberia Nights Vivid Live show, announced earlier today. View the full Vivid program (including Lozza Hill, The Dead C, Feedtime, St Vincent) here.

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Cassius Select


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