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Cat Cat
Bobby Killed The Cat

Poor old Bobby Brown. It seems you can't swing a coked-up Whitney Houston-We-Don't-Have-Any-Problems without hitting a loud/foul-mouthed cunt with a negative opinion about the ailing Rhythm and Blues star and his recent decision to go into politics. Ease up fellas, he's just following his tree-hugging heart.

Canberra-cum-Melbourne trio, Cat Cat, are the latest in a long line of Generation-Why anti-machine ragists to have a playful stab at Brown, accusing him of murderous acts already attributed to Jason Mraz, ambition and Robert Kennedy. Luckily, Cat Cat's irresistible pop charm not only saves them from our (normal) harsh critical judgement, but also works as an adaptable slice of propaganda. Maybe BB is a fuckwit. After all, his PHP message board is/was a bit of a disaster. And just because my Pty Ltd shoots off 200gb of torrent carbon into the atmosphere every hour, does that really mean I should have to pay a trillion dollars a day so that his children have clean air to breath? And, fuck you Bob, I want to drive my 1986 lead-powered Ford Falcon down the freeway at 10km/h, light breeze beneath my wings, living more carefree than a glove box full of female sanitary products and with this brilliant song blasting out of the stereo loud enough for the entire ozone to hear.

Bobby Killed The Cat features on the group's debut album, Uralba, which will be released by Dream Damage on December 1. Pre-orders for the vinyl release are available now via Bandcamp.

They'll be launching the album around the same time with a bunch of East Coast shows...

Sunday, November 27: Workers Club, Melbourne
Thursday, December 8: Transit Bar, Canberra
Friday, December 9: Black Wire Records, Sydney
Saturday, December 10: Emma Soup, Newcastle
Friday, December 16: Alley Cat, Hobart

More details here.

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