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Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Monkey On A Rock by Downloading it for Free

You wouldn't steal a Fred Durst, would you? Who wouldn't? Speaking of which, when Sir Fredrick recently decided to re-issue his classic Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water album for it's tenth anniversary he just slapped on a few bonus songs. One featured DJ Lethal flipping grilled Whoppers for 45-minutes (metaphorically) and another was just had old mate George Michael falsetto-ing over a solid eighteen-string bass solo from band dead-weight Wes Borland. Magnificent? Undoubtedly. But it really was just a bit of extra sauce for the metaphorical "hot dog". Like that album needed any more bloody sauce!

While hardly in the same ballpark as Durst's 12-outta-10 classic, exactly ten years ago a band from Adelaide called No Through Road released an album called Monkey On A Rock. To celebrate the achievement of surviving the decade of excessive partying which naturally proceeded the release of such a significant Australian record, the band have now kindly decided to give the album away for Free. Radiohead style.

So head over to the No Through Road Bandcamp to download the album in fully unrestored, unmastered lossless format.

From the official press release from No Through Road roadie/frontman, Matt Banham:

Originally released in early 2003 on Melbourne label Unstable Ape Records. Lead single 'How To Make You Cum' reached no.3 on JJJ's net 50 and spent several weeks in their charts. It was also came in at number 17 in 3D Radio's top 101 for 2003.

Created back when No Through Road was still just Matt Banham on his own but features many of his friends and future members of the band in guest appearances.

Recorded in Matt's house and also in his mother's old shed on a Shure58 mic and a 386 desktop computer that he lugged between locations. The hard drive was so small that it could only fit one song at a time which meant Matt had to burn off lots of blank CDRs full of wav files to bounce back onto the computer when it was being mixed.

The highly anticipated second instalment of our Chatting To Matt Banham Series (working title: "We Sound Exactly Like Powderfinger") is exactly four beers away from being finished.

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When are No Through Road going to reform and play at a POA Christmas party?

7 years ago

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