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Polaroids Of Androids


Childish Gambino
Silk Pillows (featuring Beck)

Three different sides. Beck making his long overdue (kinda not required?) return to rapping, pulling on his baggy jeans for the first time since Ween were still a band/relevant and delivering a verse in the same signature, heavily muffled, microphone-swallowing style he was spraying around the place back in his Leaf-blowing Days. Then there's Gambino, crying a bit (probably still about that Pitchfork Review) and patting himself on the back with that now-popular self-deprecating egocentric manner. And then there's the deep pianos, orchestral rave production, (approximately) tighter than a nun's Closed Quarters. And at least seven times more enjoyable.

Silk Pillow will feature on Childish Gambino's forthcoming new mixtape. Rap Radar has the scoop on the other two tracks from the tape that were leaked/pushed this week — a collab with Heems from Das Racist and a three-way with Nipsey and Boi-1da.

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I always thought if Pitchfork was a rapper, they'd kinda sound a bit like Gambino

9 years ago

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