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Polaroids Of Androids



You're right mate/s, that last cosmo was a terrible idea. Straight to our thighs/head. The latter of which is doing some serious stress-ball throbbing right now. But let's push through, squash these migraines and answer our girl's text message about going to the markets/brunch/laser-tag-emporium later today. And here's a soothing new song from Collarbones to help the recovery process.

The Radelaide/Sydney duo haven't indicated whether or not they've started work yet on a follow-up to their brilliant debut Iconography. And it's hard to see how they'll have time as well, as surely they're destined for a busy summer of shows. Starting with the upcoming Daedelus tour, where they've been just announced as the main support for Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Keep one eye on this for more tour/show updates.

* Original image by Cliff Leigh.

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