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Polaroids Of Androids


Hypothermia (featuring Guerre)

A lot less Stone Cold and Nedward Stark than the title would suggest. In fact, there's almost zero references to delicately applying sleeper holds and/or pillaging towards the throne here. Not saying that this track isn't ambitious or aggressive, just that it's not particularly forthright or predictable in it's approach, with every little trance-y punch mellowed out by the sultry tones of Gazza and Sean "Marcus Whale" Lockhart. Far removed from that previous atmospheric wandering of the recent Whale & Guerre Breeding Services as well, but then again we're (almost) out of the Winter Lockdown now. Time to wake up, poolside our plans and sprinkle some sunshine on our frozen heart enclosures.

The new Collarbones album, Die Young, is out on Friday, September 28 via Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control. Best to start kitting out your Love Dens in preparation now.

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