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Polaroids Of Androids



Galaxia 90210, a world of teen heartthrobs, beating in time with the metronomic wristwatches of our overlords and the visually disturbing brain clock of genius head-fucker Dro Carey. Something like that Scream video. Not the one with not enough Drew Barrymore, but the one where old mate Mikey Jacko Wacko is feeling up his sister. Or maybe that was Busta Rhymes. Who knows anymore, right? That hyped what-u-talking-bout-Williams era is now archived in an irrelevant world, immediately unnecessary and legless. The converse of which is Collarbones, the rhythm 'n' internet duo who sound like they were birthed anywhere between 1965 and 2065. A century of aged port-barreled whisky, smoother than most yet retaining a crispy and forceful afterbite.

Missing is the first single from their new album, Die Young, due out in September. Download a take-home mp-free of the track over on the band's Soundcloud.

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