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Polaroids Of Androids


Yamaha (The-Dream cover)

You probably don't me need to tell you that sexxx is all around us. Wet Wet and Wet. It drips from our butt cheeks and fucks up our bed sheets. Daily. So, I guess it makes perfect sense to draw a connecting line between sleazy ego-giant, Terius Wet-Dream, fuking million dollar pop stars in his private billion dollar studio and two nerdy fellas from Sydnelaide, ICQ chatting over dial-up connections about scattered hip-hop beats. When they approach the microphone they both have the power to get you sweaty. They'll both (probably) steal your misses after the show, forget her name and then write a homage to her perfect phat ass. No irony. No smugness. Just the way the Sex Game gets played.

And here's the more celebratory Dream version...

Collarbones will be performing this song, and many many more rhythm-and-buttsweat downtempo edits this Friday during their covers set at the special Club Love Monkey show at Good God. They'll also be doing a set of their own original music as well, so you (probably) only need to Lock Up Ya Loved Ones for 50% of the time. In-between all of this Collarboning, Melbourne lads Absolute Boys will be performing their unique punky matheletica. On second thoughts, probably best re-lock up ya special lady/gent during their set as well as they're a real fucking tent-pitcher.

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