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Polaroids Of Androids


Cyber Jesus

Cyber Jesus (formerly known as Earth Quakes, Earquakes, Quake 5) has been trickling out demo recordings via Soundcloud Records for a little while now. Trapped somewhere between the Chillwave Apocalypse of November 2010 and the Flower Power Computer Hacking Revolution of February 2011, CJ's music is restless, frequently jolting off on tangents, wobbling into awkward Commodore-65 solos/spazouts and occasionally just floating off into the backwash of Mother's Ocean. It's a free-spirited journey and each of his unrestricted genre/island hopping adventures are unique and perfectly directionless.

Love, Pain & Paradise! (Feet Polographia) by Cyber Jesus

Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny (demo) by Cyber Jesus

Jesus is currently working on his debut EP/triple-disc boxset, slated for release sometime later this year. Plenty more mind-bending acid.torrent voyages, Zuckerberg Surf AnthemsTM and tree-climbing soundscapes over on his Soundcloud page.

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Cyber Jesus


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