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Polaroids Of Androids


Dark Bells

We were hiding out in the mangroves. Our initial plan was to run when we saw them. But as we waited, Toby joyfully cracked open the little bottle of glue. We'd promised ourselves we would keep it for later. I had visions of remembering about it around 11pm. The boring hour between the initial thrills of Freedom and All Night. It would be a treat then and surely carry us through until the mad dash at 6am to our comforting cold beds.

By the time we saw them we were buzzing like cicadas in November. Our brains swirling like those silly rides at the Marlenbury Fair my father made us go on just so he could escape the Pains Of Childminding for a few brief minutes.

And so we didn't run. Instead we hugged. It was great - for a while. And then reality came barraging in. And the bliss came to an abrupt and menacing end.

Dark Bells could easily/lazily be pigeonholed into some poppy-field acid revival genre. But we think they're a bit more of a complex beast than that and, if this track from their first batch of demo recordings is anything to go by, they have plenty of available avenues to drive their sound down.

You can catch them playing tonight at the super large Double Dragon II mini-festival at OAF. It's $5, but worth at least quadruple that.

Photo by Sam Ash.

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Dark Bells


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I know Simon's in the band, but is that him on drums in this recording?

9 years ago

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