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Polaroids Of Androids


Dead Farmers
Never Enough

Pretty sure this is the early unmastered version. Like you and your army and your shitty Aldi headphones can tell mate. And like it bloody matters. It still sounds brutal. And brutally drunk. Arm around you, somewhere between a late-night "I love you maaaannn" slobbering and a vicious life-threatening headlock. The exact place where Dead Farmers have always sounded their best.

Never Enough is the b-side on the band's Out The Door 7", out now via R.I.P Society and available directly from the label (email them) and/or Repressed Records. The band will be doing a launch show for it this Saturday at Red Rattler, with a bunch of awesome supports — Loose Grip, Nintendo Police, Whores and Raw Prawn.

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Dead Farmers


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