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Polaroids Of Androids


Dick Diver
Head Back

Dick Van Dyke and Stuart Diver. They're my two first thoughts when I hear/see Melbourne mellowcorists Dick Diver. Sly little grins on their faces as they solve another murder using their knowledge of human anatomy and/or winched to safety after another 400+ days trapped under the earth. It's a similar cheekiness that's all across this song. "We're on jet skis, wearing suits, doing loopty-loops". The exact same kind of ridiculous poetry and whimsical wordplay you can imagine Stuey Van Dyke spurting out at open mic night down at The Tuggerah Arms.

Head Back features on the band's new album New Start Again, which is out now via Chapter/Fuse. You can stream the whole thing over on the band's Soundcloud.

The band's launch tour kicks of this evening with a free all-ages in-store at Polyester Records in Melbourne.

Friday, October 21: Polyester Records, Melbourne
Saturday, November 5: Format, Adelaide
Saturday, November 12: Goodgod Small Club, Sydney
Friday, November 18: Woodland, Brisbane
Saturday, November 19: Phoenix Public House, Melbourne

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Dick Diver


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