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Polaroids Of Androids


Die! Die! Die!

I'll tell you sumthin for nuthin right now, amigo/s - I've had a fairly tuff time shaking off The Weekend Is Over Blues today. The misery has been lingering like a five day hangover/bender. Which, co-incidentally enough, is exactly what the weekend was. Long weekends, right? Five days of bliss, with nothing on the schedule except boozing with babes and buds and babes. Plenty of buds. And bad photos. And hung parliaments. And headaches. And great times. Oh, the GREAT times. Maybe one day we'll sit down together and I'll tell you all about them.

But all good things eventually come to a destructive anti-climatic end.

THANK GOODNESS that the world invented Die! Die! Die! Emergency situations like today need this kind of action. And this song is exactly what today needs. It doesn't care about the distant memory of those good times. A beautiful dirt-punk journey, violently shifting from a quiet, romantic, stargazing night at a Holiday Inn to a blissful world of crack parties and televisions through windows and dead hookers in your bathtub. Reminding me of some GREAT times (see above).

HT is just one of the many standout moments on the trio's new album Form, which will be released in Australia via Flying Nun/Remote Control on October 1. Let me be the first to tell you that Form is a total cunt-punching record and a solid fact that'll be confirmed in print form on this webspace in the coming weeks. Believe that. Believe that? Believe dat.

PS: "cunt-punching" is the new Best Nice Music. Fact.

PPPPPS: The band have also hinted (strongly) that they'll be touring Australia in early October to coincide with the album's release. Expect some news on that early next week.

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Die! Die! Die!


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