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Polaroids Of Androids


Disgusting People
Make You Happy (Demo)

The former Ghost pointed his boney finger into the muscular chest of our lovable leader and, with a heart loaded with a mixture of discontent and paraphrased bitterness, he spat — "Patrick, those people are fucking disgusting". Milliseconds later a new musical adventure was born. Not from the ashes of anything significant, just piggybacking on a memorable moment and a heartfelt engagement. Simple enough. And the music, guided by the lovingly soft hands of Mr Comforting Pats On The Back, follows that mission statement, wrapping us in an introspective cuddle, walloping our faces with a "sack of golden truth bombs" and showing off it's insecurities like their war medals, medallions awarded to those who survive the most painfully awkward social battles.

Disgusting People, after playing a couple of private shows, will make their prime time debut this Friday at the Petersham Bowling Club, alongside Matt Banham (yes, he's now back on the bill), Summer Flake, Through The Forest Door (aka Luke Laurels) and Alyx (from Kyu).

Playing times:
8.00 - Matt Banham
8:30 - Through The Forest Door
9:10 - Alyx (Kyu)
9:50 - Summer Flake
10:30 - Disgusting People

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Disgusting People


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