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Polaroids Of Androids


Stupid Shit

Divorced is the latest project from Craig Dermody, former/current frontman/wingman/member of numerous Adelaide/Melbourne/Swampland projects, including Spider Vomit, Lindsey Low Hand and Scott and Charlene's Wedding. This time around he's teamed up with a bunch of other "band sluts" (no offence aye mates), including Gill Tucker from Beaches and Spider Vomit, Justin Fuller from ZOND and Mum Smokes, and Ally Spazzy from, er, The Spazzys. As you can probably guess, considering the musical backgrounds of his new partners, the core sound is a lot more focused on heavy power guitars, rather than fragile punk-pop. It's within this lovely awkward blend of violent cock-thrusting confidence and Dermody's signature insecure Dole DrawlTM that their core sound really flourishes.

Stupid Shit features on the band's debut LP, Separation Anxiety, which is available via their Bandcamp for a fiver (approximately the price of a sixer of Adelaide Bitter in the Church City).

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