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Polaroids Of Androids


Dollar Bar
Diff'rent 4 Gurls

In addition to being a world-renowned meme, Xzibit is also one of the globe's most respected futurists. Not only did he speak out against the disgusting habits of the paparazzi decades before Dodi's cranium was unceremoniously pummelled by a dashboard, but he was also successfully pimp-slapping mp4 players into Torona's before the technology to format that specific codec had even been invented. But, alas, he'll be most famously remembered for his lack of understanding of the human form. Most notably, the obvious differences between the male and female species.

Thankfully, Brisbane guitar-wielders Dollar Bar — also well respected for their ability to convert unregistered, second-hand automobiles into fully functioning discotheques — have a complete understanding of the intricate form and function anomalies between the two genders.

This corker is the opening track on the group's new album, Paddington Workers Club, which is out now and purchasable via their Bandcamp.

They'll also be heading down our way (Sydney, mate) towards the end of the month, playing at the Petersham Bowling Club with Blood Plastic, Buddy Glass and Disgusting People on the 22nd, followed by a show in Melbourne at The Empress Hotel the following night.

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Dollar Bar


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