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Dollar Bar
Everyone's Everyone's

Everyone's moving to Melbourne and fucking people from Brisbane. Everyone in Sydney is fucking around on that Tinder app, trying to end up in bed with their mate's ex-girlfriend. Back in my day that was grounds for a king hit and/or a no-reply on your SMS to go and kick a footy at the park. Speaking of history, Brisbane's Dollar Bar haven't released an album since 2004. Sure, they've split a milkshake with some Lovers and collated their demos (presumably because they were tired of just watching them age on the shelf), but they've done nothing to stem the rumours that — much like The Greatest Band Of All Time aka The Wrens — they'd moved on, settled down and resided to the fact they'd spend their formative years cowering in the shadows of their former glory.

But alas, here's a song about lasses and likely lads licking and loving. And, whilst lacking the lovely alliteration of sentences here, it more than makes up for with it with riffs and hooks and other musical joys.

Everyone's Everyone's features on Dollars Bar's forthcoming new album, Paddington Workers Club, which will be released early November. Pre-orders for both the deluxe (which comes with a CD-R of classic cover songs) and the regular vinyl are available now via their Bandcamp.

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Tommy Faith

Excellent words

8 years ago

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