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Polaroids Of Androids


Donny Benet
Gimme Your Heat

The devil is in the details here. Like Donny's wedding band is on the other finger, meaning he's DTF and/or ready to throw his key into any bowl tonight. If you know what I mean. Reflections? Mirrors? Nah, probably just a slice of deadly social commentary by Video Artist, SPOD, who is attempting to dispel the imagery of Don Don as a sexual fiend/predator. You know, because he's really just a side-of-mash kinda guy, lusting for a new lover for the evening, getting in touch with his free spirit side, chasing that real true love and determined to lock them up in his heart/dungeon once he finds them.

Gimme Your Heat is from Donny's new album, Electric Love, out today via music outlet Rice Is Nice. The Sydney launch is happening tonight at Good God in Sydney (early start, Don on about 9.30pm), with the Melbourne after party happening next Friday (September 14) at The Workers Club.

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Donny Benet


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