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Drake Of Origin Part 2. And if we've learnt anything, it's to not count our Roosters before they hatch, grow up and become drunk/gropey dickheads. Of course, the silver lining being that we've now got a pair of halves you actually know their role in Origin is just to kick when they're told to kick and let those big boys do all the work. Conversely, we're now more that comfortable calling our Drake album's as Classics even when they're just commencing the initial round of 'leaked' (probably-not-on-the-album) teases — whether that be going in on an old Lauryn Hill sample, openly serenading ex-girlfriends or just chest-thumping with some ludicrous "champagne in a tub" shit.

Or this right here, a demonstration of his constant personality dual — the lavish bragging jerk vs the self-aware introspective softie.

Aside from this being an ideal way to cleanse your brain-cells on a Monday, there's also the small tidbit of Very Important information contained within — the new (as-yet-untitled) album is scheduled to be out this Spring (northern hemisphere).

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