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Polaroids Of Androids


Free Spirit (featuring Rick Ross)

It was about midday yesterday when Club Paradise, a brand new Drake song, hit the Netwaves. Posted by Drizzly Dare with the instructions that it was the first of three new album cuts/leftovers that he planned to drop that day. It was about eleven minutes before I was supposed to leave my house to go and meet a friend at the pub to watch the rugby. Solid Man-Times vs Drake. It probably goes without saying, but this left me more torn than the time Natty Imbruglia ripped her jeans doing the splits in a last ditch effort to stop her then hubby, Danny Johns, from completely turning The Other Way.

In the end I decided to go to the pub. Fifteen jugs of Tasmania's Finest later I awoke to discover I'd missed this, the second of the trio, featuring a passionate, amped-up (almost aggressive) Drake and a suitably sexxxy Rizzy Rosco...

And then this afternoon it was straight to the local tattoo shoppe to get 'I Heart Drake' tatted on my torso. I mean, get my existing 'I Heart Drake' tattoo coloured in. No Homo. Some Homo. "SOON".

Download the other two tracks — Club Paradise and Round Of Applause (a fairly awkward Waka Flocka Flame remix) — over on the October's Very Own blog.

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