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Polaroids Of Androids


Dro Carey
Foes, Gallons n Fathoms

In the junkie controlled not-very-distant future we'll probably be at least 12 trillion leagues under sea-level, given that you seem intent on spraying that Lynx Clunge Magnet aimlessly into the air, melting holes in the zone layer so fast that the current political powers (that be) don't have the sufficient time to pass another Oxygen Tax, thus causing the oceans to rise, gills to form on the advanced specimens already addicted to the hallucinogenic powers of cough syrup and forcing us Joe Publicans to become their second-rate slaves, performing undesirable/arousing sex positions upon command.

Even more ridikness than the above sentence structure is the idea of posting just one snippet off Tussin Underwater, the new 9-track LP that this song features on. Dro Carey dropped the mini-album earlier today and it's positively packed with post-post-industrial splatterings, sci-fi soundscapes and everything else we need to pass the time while we wait for the inevitable/perfectly acceptable/inevitable decadent junkie sea shanty future. Download Tussin Underwater now via the Media Firers.

Right back on that horse — following his recent headline show cancellation — Dro will be making his live (Sydney) debut in early February as the main support for USA weirdo/producer BALAM ACAB. Early bird tickets available now via Moshtix.

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Dro Carey


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