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Polaroids Of Androids


Drowning Fleets
Schmeckt Wie Müll

"Hoöten is one hell of a shite beer. Beer angst (brangst) drove me to this, rest assured the track sounds light years better than the beer tastes". I know than more a few cunts who'll be upset by the linear note associated with this track, as well as a few who'll probably disagree with the stipulation about this track's superiority in that regard. This form of confrontational Euro Doof seems to be the kind of thing that polarises people even more than their chosen lager preference. Personally, I'll drink anything except those new Coopers bottles and frequently tear down the local Autobahn in my Japanese hatchback drunker than a German soccer fan circa a few days ago.

You can catch this fella (aka Shaun from Dead Radio) making his first ever public (musical) appearance tonight, opening things up (literally, figuratively, sexually) at the Mike Whitney Stage, Marly Bar, Sydney, ahead of performances from the sexiest band in Sydney and the Mopiest. Three for the price of FREE, music from 9pm.

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Drowning Fleets
Dead Radio


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