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Polaroids Of Androids


Rad Solar

It's a cold hard Fact that DZ (DEATHRAYS) only initially made four minutes singles because that's exactly the amount of time an average Brisbane Lad takes to neck a bottle of Jager, vomit into their hands, splash it back into their face and make Viral Video History.

Thankfully, the duo have now come to their senses. Yes, they're still smashing every cunt worth smashing, biting off Nicky's Kidman and irresponsibly promoting drunk anarchy, but now they're doing it in a much more efficient manner. 102 seconds to be precise.

Rad Solar is the band's new single, from their forthcoming Brutal Tapes EP, which is out on April 1 via I Oh You.

The band are only moments away from heading back overseas on their maiden SXSW voyage to and a return trek through the NY badlands. Upon their return they'll be getting back to what they do best (smashing cunts, taking names, in live format), in promotion of the new EP:

Friday, April 1: Woodlands, Brisbane
Saturday, April 2: Shark Bar, Gold Coast
Friday, April 8: The Tote, Melbourne
Saturday, April 9: Kings Cross Hotel, Sydney
Saturday, April 30: Ed Castle, Adelaide

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