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Polaroids Of Androids


East Ills

Did you mean East Hills? Nah, mate, because if I did I would 'ave. I know all about the end of the Green Line. The place you end up when you fall asleep on the way home from a busy day of data-entry, Red Bull runs and intense Word.doc formatting. If the one true God (the Train God) is smiling down on you, you'll wake up before the train hits that neck-jolting u-turn barrier. Even unslumbering as old Hayne pulls into Revesby, a few stops before The End, is somewhat of a godsend, with that suburb's arena-sized 24-hour drinking establishment, complete with plastic waterfalls, $1 schooners and magical courtesy buses.

East Ills is Bagust, A.C., Porteus and Nedeljkovic, a bunch of recognisable names if you've been paying any attention to the Newcastle Punx Scene, which continues to be more exciting than a Friday 2am drinking comp at the Revesby Workers Club. If your mind can even fathom that possibility.

Their debut 3-track release is up now on Bandcamp. Hopefully a physical release — cassette, USB stick shaped like Hawke's award-winning gullet, CD-R glued onto a beer coaster — is planned by Y202 in the near/2013 future.

Footnote: I assume the Bob Hawke cover is a sneaky little snapkick in the direction of Paul Keating, mortal enemy of Schooner Robert and the federal member for Blaxland before-you-were-born, an area only a small packed lunch west of the East Hills district.

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