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Polaroids Of Androids


Erik Omen

Last time we checked in with Erik he was lost somewhere in Atlantis, riding the summer rhythm harder than a working girl on a 9:30am Monday quarterly report deadline. This time he's the duo have teamed up with Holiday Sidewinder from Bridezilla for a fresh slab of electronic-popularism. Sidewinder's bored-as-fuck vocals perfectly icing us down like a Meth-a-Doner Kebab and/or a nice cold glass of Pepsi, while the up-tempo composition glides on it's own path, reminding us that you don't always have to go to France, Darwin, Arizona or Deezyworld to get your required daily dose of sensibly dressed clean-cut pop.

Payphone features on a new limited-edition 12", which will also include his original (previously cassette only) single Grade E, as well as a bunch of remixes from Turkish Prison (Andy from Midnight Juggernauts) and Tortiseshell. It'll be out on December 12, with pre-orders available now via Siberia Records.

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Erik Omen In Atlantis


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