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Polaroids Of Androids


Exotic Dog
Ears Have Ears (Live)

Much like it's Namesake, an exquisitely well-decorated knoboodle and/or a rare breed of pineapple-dieting Pembroke Welsh corgi, there's the ideal mix of playful, presentable and mongrel here. And of course more than a little bit of feralness. You can say that again, they all said, until Everyone realised no explanation on the actual topic at hand had yet been offered. Of course, we speak of Exotic Dog, the relatively new solo experimental project of Nic Warnock from Bed Wettin' Bad Boys and RIP Society Pty Ltd, who brings together the classic combination of delay pedals, answering machine cassettes, field recordings, broken casios and "reactions to the comedy of Larry David and JB Smoove" to create his own wandering/throbbing beast of unhinged, unplanned, awkward and beautifully unsettling "live" compositions.

Here's a taste — his set from last month's Ears Have Ears show...

But, of course, live is where this is primarily designed to operate. And you can catch Warnockers doing just that this Friday at the Footy LP launch at the Petersham Bowling Club, alongside *new* baseballin' knob-twiddlers Home Run, aka Jay Cruikshank and Nathan "Marf Loth" Roche.

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Exotic Dog
Nic Warnock
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys


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