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(For A While) I Couldn't Play My Guitar Like a Man

Freeman is the new band captained by Aaron Freeman, aka Gene Ween, former Ween-er and current Lambertville NJ resident. According to the presser their debut album, FREEMAN, doesn't even address the obvious/overbearing pressures of having a sister that's heaps faster at running than you, but rather investigates other issues unrelated to emasculation — such as drugs, alcohol and the current tense diplomatic trade relationships between China and the US. All that said, the first single is all about being a fucking man and grabbing that sweet thing by the neck and choking one out. Guitars.

Not since Georgie Harrison's touching discussion of the weeping gashes of his Fender — inflicted over many years of neglected maintenance by band weed-carrier, Paul — have we been granted such perving access into the complex inner-workings of the man/guitar relationship. Freeman yanks the mistress across the floor, tangles her up with movements well beyond his vintage, before remembering he's in a public field, sheepishly dragging the whole thing back to a more comfortable tale of self-loathing pop and pity-inducing Middle America twang.

FREEMAN is out on Partisan Records on July 22. Pre-orders available now.

Thanks to BG, President of the Ween Fanclub (Australian Chapter), for the heads up on this one.

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