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Polaroids Of Androids


Future Islands
Fall From Grace

There's something beautifully tranquil about "just fading away". Obscurity and anonymity in this Modern Wilderness of accountability, Public Profiles and the endless pressures for penny donations to Pozzible campaigns. Ah, that comforting darkness. The fucking peace of it all, right? An ideal visually communicated here (via audio) by a bunch of Dads just rocking out in a garage somewhere in Suburban America, discarding their work/home troubles one sincerely passionate soul note at a time. Dancing around in their casual clothes, sweating out their pending income tax woes and the thoughts that their "recently gothed" teenage daughter is slowly going off the rails.

And I don't really care how close to the truth that visual association actually is, because that's what I'm locked on. This is serious mate/mom/mum. That Letterman appearance wasn't a bloody joke either. And it's kinda sad that you think it was, as though any public display of unabridged emotion now must be attached to a comedic element. Nobody cares that much, right?

Future Islands do. And for those without audio devices attached to their current viewing system, tangle your brain around the idea of Shogun from Royal Headache straining his impressive vocal range around some up-tempo air-tight danceable numbers from Donny Benet. Sorry, that reference was more "Sydney" than Modern Giant discussing an incident near the Foam Booth, Cleveland Street. #Meta.

Future Islands' new album, Singles, is out March 25 via 4AD.

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