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Polaroids Of Androids


Guerre & Scissor Lock
Turnt Out

Gary Er and Marcus "Scissor Lock" Whale regularly double team your GF, BF and/or Loved One via the slut-ry tunes of rhythm n boy-on-boy-on-boy explosion Black Vanilla. But this is a bit more serious, mate. More of a halfway point as well, combining Marky Marcus' heavy loop obsession with Gazza's deeply emotive/gentle love grinds.

Turnt Out will feature on Intercess #1, the logical title given to the first release on Intercess, Whale's new collaborative, limited edition CD-R label. The record (and label) will be officially launched this Thursday at Serial Space in Chippendale, with both artists performing, as well as sets from New York's Expensive Looks and Melbourne's Major Napier. The show will be part of Vagrant, the (new) New Weird Australia series that will be running throughout winter. Entry is just $5, the same price as Intercess #1, which will (obvs) also be available for purchase.

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