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Polaroids Of Androids


Death Drone + Fox Fur Morning

2010 was a strange year. We all really settled down. We stopping demanding answers. He stopped asking questions. We stopped cracking the jaws of our enemies on footpaths. We started to relax. We started to fall in love. Again. We start to get wet. Again.

A large part of this quest to stare aimlessly into the clear blue sky and dream our lives away was the refreshing re-birth of rhythm-and-blues. "But motown is dead!". Yes. But the suburban kids that were fertilized into life off the back of Richard Kelly vs Sweaty Keith Late Night Snuggles are all grown up now. They don't have wood-paneled studios. They have bedrooms, University essays due in a few days and large scrapbooks filled with half-finished ideas, incomplete diary entries about lust/love and the ability to add 24 layers of echo with the assistance of their illegally obtained audio program of choice.

Sydney/Toronto lad Lavurn Lee (aka Guerre) was one of the clear standouts of this new breed of lo-fidelity-neo-soul-brothers. Smoother than the suspension on your mates BMX as you ride double to the shops for a chocolate milkshake, his music switches between two distinct personalities — dark, late night(mares) of self-pity and a more up-beat tone, focusing on the idea that the new day brings hope and potential. His 2010 collaboration with local beatmaking duo Fishing, Boyfriend, which we featured on our Goodbye Twenty Ten Mixtape, sided with the latter, while his standout solo "release" to date, Forgiveness, dived knees-first into a deeper, more immersive (and slightly overwhelming) pit of self-analysis. Despite the large river of emotional rapids that exist in-between these two points, both of these songs are just as effective as each other in dragging you into their mood focus.

His two newest offerings — Death Drone and Fox Fur Morning — finds Guerre once more focusing equally on his two dualing moods/personalities. Death Drone is the darkman in the corner, lonesome and shivering after selling his jacket for a half-smile of a strange. The other side is the welcoming nature of Fox Fur Morning. Built around a clean drum beat, it literally bubbles with a brighter, optimistic tone, convincing us within a matter of seconds that we don't need to bring our jackets on this journey, as we cruise off towards Paradise, gun in hand, with zero worries dragging us down.

Death Drone

Fox Fur Morning

Loads more songs up on Guerre's Soundcloud.

Guerre is currently working on his debut EP, which is expected to be released sometime in 2011. He's also focusing on his solo live show, so expect some dates/performances to be announced very soon. Keep an eye on his Tumblr for musical/newsical updates.

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