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Polaroids Of Androids



Our long-standing relationship with Guerre is well-documented. We've had intense sexual relationships that haven't lasted this long. Or been anywhere near as enjoyable. But, as is often the case, we've hardly hung on every gram of Gaz we've been fed over the past little bit. Mostly because there hasn't been a great deal to chomp on, with Gab being side-tracked by his part-time honeyz — the silky all-boy action of Black Vanilla and the more intense darkness of his beats project (for lack of a better descriptor), Cassius Select. The latter of which seems to have now spilled over into his re-ignited solo work.

Deatheat exists on the same plane as his Cassius work. All dark and fidgety. A drugged-up youth in the eye-burningly dark edges of town, looking for a moment's piece. Some sort of sufficient come-down apparatus, provided in part by those injected vocals that, although less prominent and rawly presented than those (still) magnificent 2010 demos, still contain a hypnotic, dream-like quality, more than capable of pulling us out of the nerve-stabbing restlessness of the accompanying scene.

Ex Nihilo is due out July 4 via Yes Please / Remote Control.


  1. Primea
  2. Premier
  3. Deatheat
  4. Silo
  5. Tuk
  6. Ribs Aut
  7. Mukatse (Tunning)
  8. Kone / Bone
  9. Adophilia
  10. Croon

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