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Polaroids Of Androids


Mazu Heart Sutra

Hollowness. Emptiness. Deep rhythmic groans of pleasure/pain/agreement. The rare accompaniment of an acoustic guitar delicately plucked. And Guerre's composed vocals once again leading the momentum build.

The Heart Sutra is one of the most important teachings in all Buddhist schools, including Zen. In this challenging talk, [Guerre] discusses The Heart Sutra and explains the Buddhist concept of emptiness. Emptiness doesn't mean that the world is empty, nor does it mean that we are supposed to walk around like emotionless zombies. Realizing emptiness is essentially realizing that we are not separate from the world around us. This insight naturally leads to compassion, which allows us to take responsibility for our lives and indeed the whole world. Each of us is capable of accessing this alert, focused state of consciousness, which allows us to create harmony with others and lead a full, joyful life. [source]

Mazu Heart Sutra features on Guerre's debut EP, Darker My Love.

6 months in the making. Alots changed since this EP has been made, some of it was recorded in Toronto and some of it was done it Sydney. Some of it is live and some of it is just straight laptop beats. I just hope there's an emotion that you can connect with, for real. If anything, I just want you to feel something. [source]

Darker My Love was released earlier this morning and is available as a free download via the Yes Please Bandcamp. It's absolutely brilliant. I encourage you to immediately cancel your Day Plans, forget about that Okkervil River you've been slowing coming around on and get Deep into this. You won't be sorry.

Euro folks, Guerre is currently inside you! Does it hurt? Nah, of course not. He's passionately "getting you there". And he'll be continuing to do so over the next few weeks so look out for him. Feel. It.

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thanx for the last paragraph - got my day started off on a nicely smutty note ay

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