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Polaroids Of Androids


Millennium Blues (Salt Creek Coyotes Remix)

"My body's always aching".

Me too Gazza. You going a bit too hard on the pilates as well? Maybe we both just need to Slow Down a bit. Perfect timing for the release of your remix EP then. It's just the right soulful soundtrack for Horizontal Days. Nah, not sexual mate. But maybe it's soothing enough to Rock Your Baby to sleep. Sexsomnia.

No idea who the Salt Creek Coyotes is/are (probably not these guys) but him/her/they have done an amazing job dragging Guerre's Multi-Layered Neo-Soul sound off it's Inner City Street-Light path and into the wolf-infested Woodlands of Middle-Of-Nowhere America.

This remix, as well as the previously featured Fishing exhibition down River Hymnal, are part of Guerre's Darker My Love: Remixes EP, which was released earlier this morning and is available as a free download via the Yes Please Bandcamp.

Gaz continues to play Cuntloads of shows around the place as well. You can catch him supporting Oscar + Martin at Good God tonight, as well as opening for The Paper Scissors next Friday at OAF. He'll also be making his overseas debut towards the end of the month, playing shows throughout Europe in June and July. Full schedule here.

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Salt Creek Coyotes


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good gravy, that was utterly gorgeous

1 decade ago

saltcreek coyotes

Thanks for the love! Find me on facebook and also here's a link to my jangles.


Saltcreek Coyotes

1 decade ago

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