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Polaroids Of Androids


River Hymnal (Fishing Remix)

The original version of River Hymnal (well, this live rooftop version at least) is the kind of puppet-strings-over-an-open-fire fragility that we love. It's collapse is inevitable. And sensed. You hold your breath. Transfixed on the movements of Guerre, waiting for the whole thing to fall apart. Even making sudden movements while watching will surely cause the whole scene to implode, your computer screen to melt into a puddle of Ol' Dorothy's urine/witch-mother and poor little Guerre to fall off the Sydney hi-rise building, his beat-boxing sadly fading to nothing as he falls to his unfortunate demise. Fin.

Please don't get confused mate/s. We don't want to see our boy Guerry Busey die. This is just our dramatic (Dimetapp-influenced) way of describing our feelings towards that piece of music. Luckily, for everyone, the final morbid scene of our hallucinogenic movie pitch is saved. Literally.

Enter Sydney-superhero-beat-duo Fishing. A Batman and Robby tag team, with neon 1-2-Blam combinations that'll make you see the primary-coloured upside of the situation. Or at least "remind you of Dilla". They swoop in with their Positive Moods just as Lil G is about to Face/Off with the footpath and start kicking it with Travolta's son. Stretching. Too soon.

This brilliant remix features on the Darker My Love Remix EP, which is being released next week by local upstart Yes Please. The EP also features re-jigged tracks from Collarbones, The Townhouses, Wintercoats, Namine, Albatross, Marseilles and Paces.

Guerre will be launching the EP on June 9 (next Thursday) at Serial Space in Surry Hills. All those in attendance will get a free physical copy of the EP, which will also be available as a free download the following day via Yes Please's Bandcamp.

Of course all of this is ahead of Guerre's first (proper) release, Darker My Love EP, which Yes Please are expecting to have mastered and digitally released by the end of June (or early July).

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