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Polaroids Of Androids


Diminishing Returns

Disappointing numerical values next to currency symbols on balance sheets is rarely the subject of creative endeavours. Rarer still is for sonnets sourced from an underwhelming financial statement to be dominated by both an overbearing sense of glooming despair and a flickering strand of hopefulness. At least we didn't get audited on that last fictitious activity statement. We're still alive and, despite the dire state of those credit lines, oxygen is entering and exiting our lung cavities at an extremely successful rate. We'll fight another day, even if simply means scraping together an existence on the southern hemisphere of the poverty equator.

This perfectly economical (it all ties together, sometimes) new one is on the group's forthcoming 7" EP, due on this Friday (November 15) via Poison City. You can catch them showing it off on the East Coast from next week, including an appearance in Some Backyard in Sydney, a super-duper special PoA Live show hosted by us. All spots for that one are pretty much gone, but (of course) we can always squeeze a few more Legends in if you feel like penning us an extremely passionate email.

The full run of dates:

Tuesday, November 19: The Residence, Melbourne Music Week
Friday, November 22: The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Saturday, November 23: Polaroids of Androids Backyard Show, Sydney
Saturday, November 23: The Farmer & The Owl Festival, Wollongong Town Hall
Thursday, December 19: The Curtin Hotel, Melbourne

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