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Polaroids Of Androids


Hello Pino
Island Of Fun

Old mate Cristy Cabana from party-til-ya-puke pop-rockets The Betty Airs is a really great guy. Quick with a joke, he'll pass you a smoke, but there's always some place he'd rather be. And that place is usually down at the beach, snapping the bikini bottoms of ladies, knocking down lethal cocktails like Georgey Best on an Ibiza Bender and generally just soaking up the long summer days through every centimetre of his beautifully masculine body.

So it seems fitting then that on his first solo mission as Hello Pino he does just that. Best mates, congo lines, Mexi wrestlers and funny lil' midget guitars. Topped off with such a thick layer of calypso dreamy pop that by the time this song finishes your over-starched office shirt has probably transformed into a loosely buttoned Hawaiian shirt. And what happened to that cup of disgusting instant coffee that was sitting on your desk? Oh, that magically changed into a twelve shot roofie-laced pina colada, served up in a half-cut pineapple.

"But you can't take Vimeo's down to the beach?" No problemo mate/s, you can also download a ready-to-roll mp3 version of Island Of Fun from Pino's Bandcamp.

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Hello Pino
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