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Polaroids Of Androids


Infinity Broke

Balanced somewhere between the unhinged, chaotic ramblings of a vintage fella discarding wisdom outwardly from his seaside shanty shack and a tension-controlling architect with a much tighter grip on reality. There's a distinct linear operation at hand, but the destination of this slightly unnerving voyage remains consistently undetermined throughout, with explosive outbursts and calming retreats both given equal investment. The captain, former helm-controller of the Bluebottle Kiss Enterprise, Jamie Hutchings, steers the vessel admirable, with his vocals role-switching between calming companion and straight-talkin' dictator, offering enough to insure that even once the outcome is confirmed there remains a requirement for repeats for the song's poetic brilliance.

Infinity Broke are set to release their debut LP, River Mirrors, in early April. In-store launch shows are currently planned at Beatdisc in Parramatta on April 5 and Red Eye in Sydney on April 6. Closer to the present, you can catch them at the Brighton Up Bar tomorrow night (February 27) alongside Golden Blonde and Darren Cross.

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