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Ivy St

The age old rule is clear — if your hometown doesn't have a Wikipedia page, it's time to move on, attach your existence to something larger, more significant. Of course, there's an additional clause whereby if your hometown has a Wikipedia page, but that page proudly displays a photo of the local Big W as a significant landmark, then get out. For your own sanity, run.

Thankfully, Ivy St have just done that, successfully completing the migration from the Apple'd Isle to the Melbourne Mainland ahead of the release of their second full-length, Courting. This means we'll probably see them a lot more up here in Sydney, given that Hume Highway speeding fines are considerably more tolerable on the fiscal bottom line than cross-Tasman ferry excursions, Hertz compulsory insurance charges and over-baggage fees on domestic budget skycrawlers.

Speaking of which, *UPDATE (17:48) dates below in the comments, thanks Jordan a launch tour is apparently being currently locked into calendars for sometime over the upcoming months. Giving you the sufficient hours to get familiar with Courting, which is out now, released independently by the band via Bandcamp.

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Ivy St


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Jordan Marson

Tour dates:

Sat, April 26 – The Metro, Adelaide, SA
Fri, May 2 – The John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Thurs, May 15 – The Croatian Club, Newcastle, NSW
Fri, May 16 – The Square, Sydney, NSW
Sat, May 17 – Trainspotters, Brisbane, QLD
Sat, June 14 – Frankie’s Empire, Hobart, TAS

7 years ago

Jonnythan Unix Epoch Nail

thx jordan , post updated now... xoxox

7 years ago

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