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Polaroids Of Androids


Young Hearts Spark Fire

In the history of the world (or more accurately, this website) there has never been an instance where we have thrown down a gushing ton-o-praise review of an album without previously mentioning (sometimes A LOT) about how much we like the artist responsible. But earlier this week this is exactly what happened, when we posted our nine point oh-my-goodness review of Japandroids' fantastic record Post-Nothing, which just so happened to be the FIRST time the Vancouver duo had been mentioned within the confines of this webspace.

In our defense, we actually prepped a post on these guys a few months ago BUT moments before we hit the 'go to the Internet' button our pal Sean posted some love for them. Not wanting to steal his shine (no really, we are that nice) we let him have it, kicking our post to the place where Interweb content goes to die (MyFace?). After all, it only seemed fair that Sean take the lead on this one with Japandroids being from his home town and all.

A few months after this I heard Post-Nothing for the first time. Immediately it was obvious that I had messed up and we definitely should have started documenting our head-over-heals love affair with these bros a lot sooner.

So here is my personal favourite track from the record. Long overdue, but it should be a bit of a treat for those that haven't yet heard them and, complimented with our gushing review, will hopefully make you fall in love with these guys also.

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whoa I love this song... need to get my hands on the album asap

1 decade ago


I can vouch for Jonny....he messaged me just after I posted that I had beaten him to it.

You should have posted it anyway, man. STEAL MY SUNSHINE.

1 decade ago

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