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Polaroids Of Androids


Jay-Z and Kanye West
Made In America (featuring Frank Ocean)

This song was initially listed under the title Sweet Baby Jesus (possibly an ode to Ol' Dirt McGirty) but renamed at the last minute to Made In America (possibly an ode to the "George Bush doesn't like Ted Danson doing Black Face" meme of 2006). Regardless of it's intentions, Franky Buoy really outshines his hosts on this one, the perfect introduction for The Walmart Crowd ahead of the release of his (re-upped) Def Jam debut "sometime soon".

Made In America features on the highly anticipated Jay-Jays and Jeans West collab, Watch The Throne, which was released/leaked earlier today. More info and purchase links here.

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Kanye West
Frank Ocean


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Frank Ocean really is the winner of Odd Future (kinda like the opposite of M.O.P and G-Unit Records).

1 decade ago

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