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Polaroids Of Androids


Joe McKee
Darling Hills

Unlike the Buds Of Tim May and the Horse, Swan and Bloody Violence of his former life with legendary apocalyptic Perth outfit, Snowman, these Hills have no place for bloodthirsty forest retreats, psychedelic reawakenings or even primitive, trans-body experiences. McKee, now back in the Valleys Of Perth after years amidst the Smog-Choked Regions Of London, has no patience for the chaos anymore. Instead we get a more settled demeanour with our host taking a more overarching analysis role, gently massaging his unvaried ghostly tones over sweeping cinematic backings and creating a wonderfully timeless atmosphere.

Darling Hills is the first single from McKee's debut solo album, Burning Boy, out May 25 via Dot Dash.

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Joe McKee


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