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Polaroids Of Androids


Kevin Drew
Good Sex

If there is a single word that perfectly encapsulates Kevin Drew's music, it's warmth.

It seems no matter what he does, whether it's solo or part of the Broken Social Scene, his music always feels like you're gradually descending into a warm spring and slowly letting all the tensions and stress of the world drift away, filling your pores with love and joy.

He's not the perfect musician. He often sings about the ridiculous and the crude. His falsetto voice can be a tad jarring at times. But he never floats too far away from that central orb of heat and light that somehow always manages to permeate your skin, swim through your bloodstream, and squeeze your heart right as the crescendo kicks in.

"I'm still breathing with you baby"

Drew's new solo album, Darlings, is set for release March 18 via Arts & Crafts.

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Kevin Drew
Broken Social Scene


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