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King Single
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More than likely an extension of that hall-of-fame Australian anthem by The Tuck Tuck's about "signing your name down here, filling out that form over there" etc. At least in regard to this being further documentation of that frustrating age-old graph/battle between the adequate hours required for artistic pursuits and the limited employment opportunities that partner themselves with such endeavours. But whilst the Lord Tucks (to their credit) never even flirted with subtleness or patience, The King swallows us up (metaphorically) with his gentle haunting daydreams that teasingly balance right on the edge between mundane hopelessness and new-day optimism. Get a job and proceed to waste your life in a hypnotic mess of repetitiveness; or mind-wander yourself out that open window and into the splashing sunshine.

Previous reluctance to post something from King Single (aka the solo project of Robert Nedeljkovic of Bare Grillz, Lenin Lennon etc) was only due to those initial offerings being clearly hashed and tagged as "demos". Thankfully, much of the homemade, bedroom charm of that early work is retained on his debut EP, Not Needed, with only a slightly increased level of harmonious depth and a few extra metric degrees of warmth.

Grab a download of Not Needed now for the price of a haircut — ie. free if you wanna be "that guy", a few bucks if you wanna keep getting haircuts (in this metaphor, haircuts is obviously "great stuff").

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