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Polaroids Of Androids


King Tears Mortuary
Grease Trap

Trip hazards on our footpaths, those fat-sucking tubes, connected to a tractor battery and flood pump which deafens the otherwise serene suburban setting. Forgiven though, as we know these liposuction vessels are an essential part of life. Without them our much-loved fast food depositories would drown under a wave of triacylglycerides, discarded salt-laced blubber making the outlets completely incapable of carrying out their primary function of killing us before our due date — one ridiculously addictive, battered slice-of-potato at a time.

But short lives are just lives lived well. Macaulay Culkin said that once, moments before face-planting down into the best re-heated margarita pizza a lifetime of Blu Ray Royalty Payments can afford. This song is only 86 seconds long, but it's pretty bloody perfect.

On third thought, Grease Trap is probably about when Sandy wore sexy leather pants and tricked Danny Z into impregnating her, playing to his strict Italian Catholic Guilt which would (of course) force him to spend the rest of his life caring for her. The band's forthcoming Asleep At The Wheel Of Fortune 7" is probably a concept record about Rydell High and the hidden lives that were lived (shortly) beyond the gossip-drenched school hallways.

Concept singles? Time will tell, the 7" is due out at the end of April via Vacant Valley. Pre-orders available now.

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King Tears Mortuary


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