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Polaroids Of Androids


Kirin J. Callinan

To an outsider it seems as though Mr Callinan would be just as comfortable in an abandoned warehouse, cheering up homeless fellas with hauntingly stripped back acoustic songs (with 45 effect peddles) as we could be at a swanky/wanky art gallery opening on the Nice Part Of Town, freaking the pants off The Steve Jobs Crowd and propositioning their daughters to have a few swigs from his smuggled hip flask and then "ride the K line". And it's with this mix of every man romanticism and Courtney Lust unpredictability that has always found KJ's music somewhat lost, with his enigmatic nature masking his obvious talent, both as a soloist and as The Other Guy in almost-famous Sydney band Mercy Arms.

She is a well constructed example of his musical talent fighting through this overbearing personal imagery. Built around a brilliant sense of urgency, Callinan, with his occasionally accented vocals, drags the song into a awkward middle ground, where the dominant force switches rapidly. His random little grunts are brilliant as well, as you can pretty much picture KJC thrusting his mercy arm into the ear of a homeless fella and telling him to just "deal with it".

She is the title track on a limited edition 7" single to be released via Siberia Records on November 12. You can pre-order them now (highly recommended considering only 300 copies will be pressed) via the Siberia Records web-store.

She launch shows:

Sunday, October 31: The Liberteen Ranch, Wollongong
Friday, November 12: Woodland, Brisbane
Sunday, November 14: Melbourne Workers Club, Melbourne
Saturday, November 20: Boxing Ring Show, Sydney*

* More info on this very soon!

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Kirin J. Callinan


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