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Kyu - Pixiphony (High Places Remix) | Reacharounds | Polaroids Of Androids
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Pixiphony (High Places Remix)

The original version of Pixiphony (included below for comparison purposes) was vocally overwhelming, as well as displaying a darker, more aggressive underside of The Kyu Ladyship. Even with this more forceful approach, the musical portion still seemed to be lusting for some sort of robotic interference.

The marriage with Crooklyn Town's High Places therefore makes perfect sense, not only for the necessary application of techno-thud and mild vocal re-jigging, but also because the two group's share a similar musical outlook, both preferring to drown their listener in an in-consumable volume of music rather than offer them an easy hook to latch onto.

From a marketing perspective this song is also a logical partnership as both acts are supporting Xiu Xiu this Thursday at the Oxford Art Factory. Umbrella marketing in a tropical wet season. Indeed. Tickets for that show are apparently still available as well.

And the original version of Pixiphony...

...which will feature on the group's self-titled debut, due out on September 19 via Pop Frenzy.


  1. Foreword
  2. Sistar
  3. Pixiphony
  4. Trains
  5. Koi
  6. Trax
  7. Sim
  8. Cyathea Amintae
  9. Sunny In Splodges
  10. Stop (reprise)

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god is dead

kyu must be destroyed. they are truly awful. though thankfully they've dropped off that obnoxious umlaut. one of the worst new bands around.

1 decade ago


I reccon Kyu are bloody great!

1 decade ago


"Kyu" is the japanese word for "nine", and is correctly transliterated with an umlaut. What's obnoxious is your comment.

1 decade ago

god is dead

thanks for the japanese lesson. unfortunately it had no bearing on my opinion that the music is awful. considering that you're close enough to the band to know their nomenclatural intent, could you please tell them to put an end to their meandering wishy-washy nonsense.

1 decade ago

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