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Polaroids Of Androids


LCD Soundsystem
Dance Yrself Clean

Mr Pitchy dropped a dirty web-rip of this track earlier today/overnight but (because the webz runs on 'real times') it has since leaked in lovely hi-def format.

Warning: the big 'vibe' will smack your face off at around the three minute mark. Total cumshot.

Dance Yrself Clean is the opening track on LCD's new album This Is Happening, which is due to be released on May 17/18 - depending on your chosen region.


  1. Dance Yrself Clean
  2. Drunk Girls
  3. One Touch
  4. All I Want
  5. I Can Change
  6. You Wanted A Hit
  7. Pow Pow
  8. Somebody's Calling Me
  9. Home

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LCD Soundsystem


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I am sure you are all there but go listen to the whole album:


You can download the Drunk Girls EP on Itoons also, which has the very awesome All I Want!

1 decade ago

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