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Polaroids Of Androids


Lil B
California Boy

We all knew it was only a matter of time before The Based God got tired of painting Outside Art Masterpieces of himself getting fellatio'd to death by various hoochies because of his striking resemblance to Ellen Degeneres. His backflip on rap was as inevitable as a failed kickflip by Lil Wayne, destined to eventually become bored with the limitations of his chosen medium, turn his back on the world of The MySpace Underground and aim for that Goldie Indie Mountaintop where it's summer forever. And here we are, his "rock" debut. A song drenched in a thousand litres of Cali Ultra Violent Cancer Rays and (musically) at least 500 times more enjoyable than that Best Coast record. Perfectly accompanied by a home viddy of B with his trademark endearing nature (and his fave Russian Bride?), meeting 'n' greeting fans on the streets of Berkley. Thanks Based God.

Lil B's as-yet-untitled rock album is coming soon, meaning it'll probably be out by the time you read this sentence. Check his Facebook Page for frequent/relentless updates.

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Lil B


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9 years ago

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