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Lil B
Game + I Hate Myself

Lil B's new album, I'm Gay, was released on Thursday via iTunes. Yesterday, B himself posted it up on Mediafire "cuz [he loves] you if you don't have 10 dollers". Seriously Based God, bless you.

Game [MP3]

"Game track is fire" - Tobias "One" Perrywinker. No shit mate. Chat room chats normally go this way when discussing Lil B, where non-fans, like our dear friend Perrywinkydink, search for the banging standouts to comment on. There's (almost) always one (Motivation, Illusions Of Granduer Remix etc) but Game is some next-level shizzlenit. Some College Dropout ridik sped-up-soul-samples, perfectly misconfigured, leaving The Based God the ideal beat/whence to just plow right through. I mean, if he wasn't a homosexual/obsessed with being so Happy.

I Hate Myself [MP3]

And then there's I Hate Myself. A warped Goo Goo Dolls sample and Lil B at his most lyrically dynamic — honest, introspective, tears-on-a-notepad.txt and "it's OK to cry to this" sincerity. It's also probably the best use of an obscure/obvious sample in a rap song since that time B fucked with Band Of Horses' The Funeral, utilising it as the basis for his ugly break-up dissection on She Don't Love Me.

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